About Us

About Us Bliss Supplies Ltd is one of the UK’s largest independent suppliers of non-food consumables to the hospitality, catering, care homes, contract cleaners and the leisure sectors, and our products include

  • glassware,
  • tableware,

cutlery, napkins, disposables, plastics, paper hygiene, cleaning materials, chemicals, janitorial, kitchen utensils, and personalized products. Bliss Supplies Ltd is organised into targeted business areas to ensure our resources are focused on the precise requirements of each market, namely: Hospitality, Sub- Distributors, Contract cleaning, Care homes and Regional end users Our company objective is to offer a complete range of products in every category we supply, from the most economical to the best brand leader. By working closely with our partner suppliers, and being able to utilise international sources, we have built a wide range of products and can offer customers the choice of Good, Better, Best products in every category. Using our expertise, built over 35 years, we provide our customers with a professional solution for sourcing, range selection, warehousing and delivery of non-food consumable products, and this is backed up by high service levels and support, to ensure every customer has the right product, delivered at the right time, and most importantly, at the right price. Please review our site and contact us at any time if you would like more information or to purchase any items